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welding services

Weld Industry Training

GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, and GMAW, from pipe to plate, from aerospace to heavy industrial.

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Welding Certification

We offer an array of certifications for many codes and specs and the supplied testing materials.

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Welding Job Board

We are proud to offer the welding job board to both welders and employers. Our goal is to help welders and employers find the talent and career opportunities they need to be successful. Sign up today to receive or submit job listings!

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Welding Inspection

Our CWI’s are experienced in inspection in many of the major codes and military specifications as well as being experienced welders.

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Procedure Qualifications

We specialize in welding procedure specification (WPS) development and procedure qualification (PQR) testing for all major codes and specs.

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Training & Certification

Training Services

From one-on-one weld training to CWI and Quality manager training. Price ranges from individual to corporate instructional lessons. Training for large groups also available. Custom hourly rates subject to change.

Weld Certification Services

Weld Management has over 100+ available certifications across nearly any code sanction. Tests are administered by CWI’s and processed by CWI’s as well.

Making Your Company an LA City Licensed Fabricator

Weld Management is experienced in helping companies become licensed LA City fabricators. We have developed a system to streamline the process and remove the confusion.

Knowledge and Experience
Inspection & Testing Lab

Inspection Services

The CWI’s at Weld Management are experienced in inspection and welding in many of the major codes and military specifications. The community of inspectors here are a tight group and share their years of experience freely.

Destructive Testing

From standardized bend testing for welder qualification and procedure qualification, to metallurgical evaluations, hardness testing, micro-hardness, and tensile testing, Weld Management can cover all your destructive needs.

Welding Procedure Specifications

Price includes testing of weld sample and certification. Pricing dependent on supplied testing materials. We can usually process a complete PQR/WPS/WTQR package in 5-7 business days.

Procedure Qualification Record

Prices range depends on code and testing required. Price includes: PQR, WPS, welder qualification documents, and all testing involved.

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