Years of Experience
Drives Our Services

How Our Testing Works

Tests are administered and processed by Certified Welding Inspectors. All inspectors and employees of Weld Management are highly skilled with a combined 50 years in the welding industry. This company is built by welders for welders and we're here to help you reach your goals and become successful in your career as a welder or fabricator.

Company Testing

If there is something your company specializes in, or you are looking to sub out your welder qualifications, we can have your tests and procedures ready to roll and your employees can show up here and test and be processed all at once. Paperwork and samples are turned around in about 48-72 hours maximum and expedite is available.

Individual Testing

For the solo welder on his or her own we offer weld testing with in-house equipment and supplied testing materials ready to go for anything you’re looking to achieve.


Pricing ranges depending on the type of certification and the quantity of weld tests involved. All welding tests are destructively tested unless the code or sanctioning body allows for RT (X-ray) testing which can be administered for an additional charge.

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Welding tests are made by appointment only. Contact us today to get started!